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Sloclap and Devolver Digital’s online martial arts fighting game Absolver has been confirmed to come to the Xbox one.

 In a blog post in which the developers talked about the large upcoming Downfall update, they had this to say in regards to Absolver coming to Xbox One.

“We receive very frequent requests from Xbox One players who want to know when Absolver will be released on the platform. While we can’t give a precise date yet, we are working on the Xbox One version in parallel to the rest of the developments. The online architecture of the Xbox Live is quite different from both Steam and PSN, and therefore requires significant efforts to adapt and ensure all the systems run smoothly. We will keep everyone updated on progress and release date as development progresses.”

Absolver is an online multiplayer combat game where players are placed behind the mask of a Prospect under control of the Guides, the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire, who will determine your worth in joining their elite corps of Absolvers.

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