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LudusPro Concludes the Online Qualifiers for their FIFA Championship

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With the offline qualifiers for the LudusPro FIFA tournament officially coming to a conclusion, the qualifiers for the finals at the Lion’s Den,Gir left are the online qualifiers. With a total of 12 participants already,the remaining 4 slots are selected from the online qualifiers. The online qualifiers are a decent way for players who didn’t get to play in the offline qualifiers because of prior engagements, or whose city didn’t get an offline qualifier.

All the qualifiers had some of the best players in the country playing and each match was a difficult one as online qualifiers meant not just best in a particular city would play but top players from around the country eyeing a spot. The competition was tougher thanks to the large number of participants, but eventually Siddharth Rohira, Saksham Rattan, Lokmanyu Chaturvedi and Charanjot Singh stood out amongst the other players.

With a look of disbelief at his win, and a sigh, Siddharth Rohira informed that he would not be able to make it to the finals due to some unforeseen reasons and had to withdraw the spot. Qualifier runner up of the qualifier Saransh had some unforseen personal reasons too, for not attending. And since lots of players were asking for a last chance qualifier as well, LudusPro decide to announce another qualifier for the empty spot.

Rohit Thakur emerged victorious from the chance qualifier, and will be occupying the last of the 16 slots on their way to Lion’s Den Gir. How good are the best FIFA players of the country in the face of the tough competition? The finals might tell.

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