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The world-renowned computer peripheral company, ‘Logitech‘ has partnered with the rising Indian streamer – Shagufta “Xyaa” Iqbal. Xyaa announced the exciting news via an Instagram post.

Logitech, as we know, is a big name in the e-sports industry as a partner and a sponsor. Along with being partners with various professional esports players like Astralis and NaVi, Logitech partnering up with an Indian streamer proves that India may have a brighter future ahead in terms of esports, gaming, and streaming since more companies like HyperX, Aorus, and more are now investing in promoting their gear through Indian Streamers.

Xyaa earned this partnership through her relentless efforts by creating content and actively participating in various community events throughout the years. She has more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube where she streams regularly, catching the attention of a lot of viewers every time. With her consistency and her growing popularity, she is now one of the top streamers in India.

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