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PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 13th 2017 – 1C is pleased to release the public demo of Fall of Light today, together with a batch of new screenshots. Developed by independent studio RuneHeads, this story-driven dungeon crawler set in a world consumed by darkness will be coming to Windows PC and Mac OS on September 28th 2017 via Steam and other digital stores.

“What struck me most is Fall of Light’s combat system – it’s fantastic.” (Hookedgamers.com)

Darkness is all around. Nyx has been on the road for God knows how long. Aether, his precious daughter – his light in this almost unending night – is gone, and so is all hope for now. Shadows have taken her to their lockup and he has to push on, to gather all the strength that’s left under his relic armor. He tries to keep his old weary eyes on the narrow path ahead while striving to identify the objects around him, to distinguish any kind of movement in the all-embracing shadow that isn’t his own. His hands are clenched around the heavy iron axe he managed to tear from the death grip of the last enemy standing in his way. He knows that lighting the lantern at his belt would make the journey so much faster and easier. But can he risk giving himself away, revealing himself as prey to the Shadows and other monsters lurking down here? Can he risk not getting to Aether in time? No. So he presses on through the darkness, hoping for the best. Hoping to have his daughter by his side again and to be back on their way towards the last rays of sunlight in the world.

A peek into the first levels of Fall of Light, made available through this public demo, will give players the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the atmosphere of the game, as well as some of the weapons that Nyx will be using throughout, his various battle stances, and more than a few enemies. But players should be aware that each enemy needs to be approached in a different manner, taking account of their speed, attack style and defensive maneuvers into consideration. Traps and puzzles are also a vital part of Fall of Light, so being well aware of the environment and keeping Aether close by is a must, as her help in solving certain puzzles is crucial.

RuneHeads have been working intensely on finalizing Fall of Light, as well as adding more content – the number of weapon classes now totals 10, the number of battle stances has been increased to 20, and the game now benefits from full English voice acting. Three alternative endings based on player decisions throughout the game increase the replay value, as does the option to play at Hardcore difficulty and restart the game in a ‘New Game +’ mode for a more challenging experience.

The media are welcome to request review keys, which will be available soon, through [email protected]  or Keymailer.

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