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After staying in beta for quite a long time, Legends of Runeterra is officially releasing. The game will be available for both PC and mobile at launch. The launch will include an entirely new region, and new cards to play with. Card and champion reveals for the new region will start soon and continue till April 27. Riot will be supporting developers of community apps and sites, and will make the data for the new set available to all who wants to make stuff with it.

The app will launch on the Play Store by April 30 on all regions, with the exception of China and Vietnam. All player progress will be retained after official launch, and player can link their Riot accounts to ensure progress is shared between mobile and PC when they switch platforms while playing the game. All beta participants will get a special Moonstruck Poro Guardian on launch, and all ranks will be reset shortly before launch.

See you in Runeterra soon!

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