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Scholomance Academy might have been one of Hearthstone’s best content overhauls to date. We have seen multiple classes having a presence in the meta with a deck that is worthy of climbing the ranked ladder. The expansion also introduced some never-before-seen game mechanics that sought to completely change the face of the game. We were also promised a ton of new content in the roadmap shared with us, including a new game mode. Apparently, it may as well be the time to unveil the curtains on the big changes coming to Hearthstone in the days to come.

On October 22 at 8 AM PDT, Hearthstone game lead Benjamin Lee will open the Fall Reveal stream with several announcements. Lee will be joined by Hearthstone host and caster extraordinaire Brian Kibler. Several game developers – including Pat Nagle, John McIntyre, and John Yang – will speak to Kibler in-depth about the new reveals. The involvement of several developers in the panel suggests that big announcements might be coming – including the promised new game mode.

Hearthstone’s popularity has been steadily dwindling over the years, and the sheer amount of time (or money) required to get into the game has driven away a lot of players during this time. Add the regular controversy in the game’s esports scene, and you might as well understand the current situation of the game. Blizzard has done quite a lot in helping players with their collection, but more needs to be done. One of the topics of discussion during this stream might as well be some changes to the collection to make it easy for players to get into the game.

The game also needs to address troublesome cards, including the ever-increasing randomness in its mechanics. It never feels good to be beaten by someone who had better luck at generating cards than you, and sadly Hearthstone is going in that direction. Some major changes to leading cards might as well be a topic of discussion – something that the community (including the one that plays Wild) really want.

Big changes are coming to the Tavern – are you ready for it?

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