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If you’re worried about hardware price spikes, or can’t net yourself a good deal on the Internet, then there might be some good news headed your way! If you’re staying in India, League of Extraordinary Gamers, the people who are known for organizing gamer meetups, special events, as well as esports tournaments across the country for uniting the competitive players with the casual masses, will be starting an online hardware store in order to offer products on discount throughout the year and ensure that gamers never back down from getting the steal deal that they wanted.

Launching with the support of the companies Antec, ASUS, Circle Gaming, Cooler Master, Corsair, G.Skill, Gigabyte, HyperX, Inno3D, Intel, LG, Logitech, MSI, Razer, ZOTAC, Zowie, the site will be a collaboration of sorts between sellers and buyers. While officially, the only retailers now are the companies themselves, directly selling through the portal, the site seeks to accumulate a large number of sellers to offer a diversity in the prices as well as the availability of products, to ensure that customers could never have a reason to complain. The company’s reputation with the brands also means that you will be getting full support from them in case you (accidentally) land up with a defective product. You’ll get your money back, or a new product in its place.

League of Extraordinary Gamers, through their Facebook page, have announced that the site is in the “beta” phase, and will continue to get updates and new features unique to their store. While it’s obvious that they include a collaboration of the sellers for offering products at different prices to ensure round the year availability, and a “Discount of the Month” section for steeply discounted product offerings, which changes every week, there might be some upcoming new features which we don’t yet know about. But I’m not the speculative guy, I’m the patient one, so I’ll prefer waiting for the announcements.

If you get a defective product, by any chance, you get your money back, or a replacement as soon as possible. After-sales service is important, and the people at LXG know that!

If that doesn’t encourage you enough to go and buy something from their stores. We here at IndianNoob are here to sweeten the pot. Using the code given below, you can get a discount of 200/- INR on the final order that you place (with a cart value of 2000/- INR or above). You are welcome!

The launch prices of products, as well as the weekly discounts, caught my attention, and there were some pretty sleek discounts there. The only disappointment was the “Out of Stock” label on the graphics card listed on the site. However, it is a necessary precaution taken by LXG India to ensure that no graphics cards sold by them could be used for cryptocurrency mining. This is an admirable and bold move taken to outsmart the miners, who have been responsible for buying out stocks of graphics cards as soon as they hit the market, causing large-scale inflation in the prices.

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