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Gamescom 2019 is taking it to E3 press conferences this year, with their own Opening Night Live. This event much like the annual Games Awards not only facilitated the winners of the Gamescom awards but was also used as a platform by various companies and devs to showcase their upcoming games. While you can check out all the trailers that were part of the Gamescom Opening Night Livestream in the playlist below. Read on to find out the main headlines.

1) Kojima just showed Norman Reedus pissing

Yes unbelievable as it sounds, that’s exactly what happened in the show-stopper of Gamescom ONL. Welcomed to the stage with a standing ovation, Kojima went on to introduce 2 of his game’s character Mama (Margaret Qualley) and Deadman (Guillermo del Toro). I am sure there are thesis being written on those two teasers, I am still nowhere close to understanding what Death Stranding is all about. Anyways, if breastfeeding a ghost baby was not enough, Kojima also announced that he would be showing extensive gameplay from Death Stranding at Tokyo Games Show.

He did, however, have some gameplay for us, and it involved Norman Reedus AKA Sam Bridges relieving himself. I am not kidding, he actually peed onto a mushroom, and it grew, which had the crowd in a frenzy. After that Kojima painstakingly explained that even though you can pee in-game, you can never see Reedus’s Weiner (to which the crowd showed their disappointment) and then explained that peeing is not what the game is all about (which deflated the crowd entirely). So to cheer them up again, Kojima showed another clip where Sam Bridges delivers one of his couriers to a character played by none other than Gamescom ONL host Geoff Keighley. With the morale of the crowd high again, Kojima finally took his leave, but not before announcing that he has many such guest appearances in his game and that he will be available for a signing session the next day in Gamescom.

2) NFS Heat will have Driver Avatars with customizable socks

NFS Heat, which will have you racing legal races in the day, and illegal ones in the night will be taking customization to the next level. Not only will the game be releasing an app, where you can customize cars, and push them directly into the game. But this time, you can also customize the driver (AKA your in-game avatar) as well.

That’s right, you will be able to customize the hat, the hair, the shorts, the T-shirt, the shoes and even the socks of the player in NFS Heat. Of course, the fact that this a racing game and almost everyone uses the Tele camera while racing meaning your avatar would be invisible for the majority of the game is a hurdle that EA crossed this year.

3) Darksiders becomes Diablo

Darksiders Genesis is set to release later this year. Only this time it’s not an action-adventure hack and slash. You know the genre which made the game what it is. Instead this time, it will be a co-op RPG hack and slash with loot mechanics. Sounds familiar, well, of course, that’s what Diablo…I mean Darksiders Genesis is all about.

The game will feature War, a returning veteran (look ma I made a pun), and Strife, the last of the 4 horsemen. Strife is a quick-moving gun-slinging horse riding horseman, who brings a completely new playstyle that a Darksider fan is used to (provided he has not played Darksiders 2). At least, they can’t pee.

And that’s about it. All in all, I enjoyed Gamescom Opening Night. It was more of a surprise, and I had a chill time making fun of all those games. Let us know, which games are you excited for the most in the comments. And oh…Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to Stadia.

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