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The Last Of Us 2, one of the 4 prime games to be showcased at Sony’s press conference at E3 2018, got some more information attached to it.

First up Sony opened with Despacito 2. Secondly, their own conference hall was inspired by the party hall in the trailer, how cool is that? Next, it’s a good chance that Ellie might be lesbian.

We also got to see some gameplay, featuring Ellie making her way through a swamp. The gameplay did not show a companion with Ellie, unlike the first game. The focus on stealth, however, returns from the first game. Also apparently Ellie is a big potty mouth.

Like always a naughty dog trailer is underlined by great music and graphics. Speaking of graphic, the game does seem to be a little R rated

Naughty Dog the studio behind the game has churned out hits after hits in the past few years including Uncharted 4, and the first The Last Of Us. The sequel again promises to be great.

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