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L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files for Oculus Rift has players step into the painstakingly recreated world of 1940’s L.A. through the eyes of Detective Cole Phelps to solve seven select cases from across all five desks of the original L.A. Noire, including: Upon Reflection, Armed and Dangerous, Buyer Beware, The Consul’s Car, The Silk Stocking Murder, Reefer Madness, and A Different Kind of War – each picked for their suitability to the virtual reality experience.

Come face to face with key witnesses for interrogations, investigate crime scenes for evidence with the ability to physically pick up and manipulate objects, get behind the wheel of period-specific cars, engage in chases and shootouts, and much more – all in an incredibly detailed recreation of 1940’s Los Angeles, with 360 degrees of freedom.

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files – which includes seven self-contained cases from the original game rebuilt specifically for virtual reality – is now available for the Oculus Rift on Steam and the Oculus Store.

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