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Korean visual novel game developer Archive Factory launched a science fantasy visual novel called Over The Cloud: Lost Planet on May 7th  and is now available on Steam.

According to the developers, “The science fantasy visual novel Over The Cloud: Lost Planet launched in March 2014 was the top paid Korean app on One store and the best-paid game within a day after its release. It remained in the top as the best-paid app for 3 consecutive weeks, in which it gained an overwhelming amount of attention and support.”

Over The Cloud: Lost Planet contains detailed artwork by a popular team of Korean webtoon artists called GLPI, high-quality illustrations, and wonderful theme song composed by Lee Il-woo, a member of the world-renowned post-rock band “Jambinai.” It also received praise for its well-made production.

Over The Cloud: Lost Planet starts in a not so distant future where the Earth has been destroyed due to the appearance of extraterrestrial life. The mankind boards the spaceship to escape from Earth, however, an unexpected event occurred on spaceship #9, one of the mankind’s last refuge. And a group of ordinary students now has to face and protect the spaceship from a dangerous threat. A science fantasy visual novel with a variety of choices and endings that will keep the players on the edge of their seats.

– A visual novel featuring text-based story with narration, computer graphics
– Korean webtoon artists GLPI’s first visual novel “Over the Cloud: Lost Planet”
it includes many of GLPI’s delicate artwork and high-quality illustrations.
– Character’s deep and overflowing emotions and high-quality illustrations.
– Theme song composed by “Lee Il-woo,” a member of the world-renowned post-rock band “Jambinai”

Archive Factory aimed the world market by producing Over The Cloud: Lost Planet PC version available in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Official homepage http://overthecloud.kr/

Official blog  http://blog.naver.com/archivefacto.do

Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/overthecloud.lp

Official Twitter  https://twitter.com/OverTheCloud1

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