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Ubisoft is really looking to pump up their next-gen games big time. Their digital event is round the corner, and there’s already a bit of hype about what sort of games we can expect to see during the digital event. We’ve already got rumors about a possible Prince of Persia remake reveal, as well as gameplay footage from Rainbow Six: Quarantine, Watch Dogs: Legion and Gods and Monsters. However, it seems that quite a few gameplay screenshots have been leaked before the actual event.

Watch Dogs Legion is focused on recruiting randomly generated NPCs to the Legion to take on the government.

The screenshots show off some of the action-paced multi-protagonist gameplay we can expect in Watch Dogs Legion. We see a part of one of the recruiting missions, where one has to go through a few objectives to add a new member to the Legion, to take on London’s new oppressive government. There’s quite a bit of information from the operative menu too, where one can view existing recruits and possible new recruits that can be added to the group. All players also have unique weapons as well as talents, making them suitable for particular operations.

Watch Dogs Legion allows players to control a wide range of anarchists from different walks of life.

It’s definitely nice to see an overhaul of the open-world mechanic and allow greater involvement of NPCs in the core gameplay. If done right, Watch Dogs Legion can be a game-changer. (More) Gameplay footage can be expected on July 12 during Ubisoft’s digital event.

Keep calm and wait for more gameplay!




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