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Kaira Global made it public that it joins the Indian IT distribution market. With knowledge and experience of more than 13 years in IT supply chain, extended across 6 countries, Kaira Global gratifies to an extensive range of end-users from SME, Education and Government agencies, to online and large format retailers.

The It distribution house has progressed in a comparatively short timeframe. Ever since its setting up in Singapore in 2003, Kaira Global has developed from basic IT distribution to being an IT specialist & consultant for its customer base.

Prior to its debut in India, the distribution house of Singapore has grown organically across markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa to name a few. This exposure to a variety of international markets gives the distribution house a unique edge in bringing their acquired experience and brand connections to India.

Kaira Global is committed to bringing the best brands, provide effective marketing and provide technical support to their customers. They focus on micro distribution and serve as a vital link between the brands and customers. Though they remain international in their outlook, the focus will always be on local teams to serve customers in India.

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