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Just Cause 3, as I have said before is one of my favorite games this gen and unlike GTA V, the only thing missing from the game was multiplayer, but finally I can spend another 100 hours in the multiplayer as it seems that the modders have finally released the multiplayer mod. All hail PC Master Race for mods (Lmao).

Anyways coming back to topic, we have seen a few videos of the multiplayer in action and it looks awesome. Here is a trailer of the multiplayer:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsMkilMWhOo]

The JC3:MP mod gives players the ability to race, skydive, wander around, or blow each other to pieces, all with “state-of-the-art synchronization reducing lag to a minimum.” It support hundreds of players per server (More than Battlefield *_*), playing competitively or cooperatively, and also enables server owners to create their own unique game modes by way of a “powerful scripting API.”

Some known issues are:
– Some scripting functions may not always work as inteded. We have marked those as “unstable” in our scripting documentary.
– There is currently no automatic updater. Builds have to be downloaded directly from our homepage.
– Some gamemodes/packages available on our gitlab repositories are not fully finished yet.
– World damage is not synchronised yet and grappling hook wiring has been disabled.
– There may be issues with CEF UIs when running Teamviewer in the background.
– Servers may not be hosted or rented commercially till our full-release following in January. For further information on that matter please consult our EULA.

After being cancelled last year due to the lead being employed over at Avalanche, the Nanos group of modders (Or whatever they might be called) took up the project. A huge shout out to them for doing all this work into bringing the mod to reality. ou can have a look at their site here, and don’t forget to appreciate them for their work.

We are downloading the mod as this post is being written and would like to know your thoughts on the multiplayer, so comment down below.

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