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Islands of Nyne gets a big official update, loaded with tons of bug fixes and improvements for the game. The new entry into the Battle Royale franchise had a troubled launch owing to server issues, and certain bugs which made people move away from the game. The developer team, while officially acknowledging the existence of the bugs, released an update which fixed most of them, besides adding other small changes to the game.

The map gets a redesign, with the Garden location being expanded, and an increase in the loot density at the Monument, Crater, Colloseum, Hill Ruins, and Garden locations. The update also fixes the server issues occurring at the beginning of the game which prevented players from looting in the first few minutes of the match. The game also gets in-game voice services again, with the anti-cheat being improved to take action against racism and abuse. A slew of improvements to the in-game mechanics also tends to improve the overall experience.

The M9A1 Nebula Meltdown as well as the M1014 Biohazard will be available in the in-game store for 2 weeks upto August 26,2018.

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