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The Define Human Studios Spring Invitational will go live for three hours of friendly exhibition on the front page of Twitch this Saturday at 2 PM EDT, 6PM UTC. 30+ teams from Esports orgs and content creator groups will join the battle in one of the terraformed biodomes that set the stage for this pinnacle of intergalactic sport.  Mainline.GG will be hosting the matches from their studio in Houston Texas as their shoutcasters chronicle the fight.  Only one team of three will emerge victorious in this exhilarating fast-paced sci-fi battle royale.

A wide cross section of European and Americas eSports scene will throwdown live on Twitch.  Alliance, Armada, CheckSix, DareRising, Elevate, Epsilon eSports, G2, Gankstars, Impact Gaming, Method, Noble, OpTic, Oxygen Supremacy, Pittsburgh Knights, Redacts, RiseNation, Rogue, Ronin, Simplicity, SOAR Gaming, SpaceStation Gaming, SetToDestroyX, World Best Gaming and Wildcard Gaming.  Three Esports Orgs from Brazil, Brazilian Crusaders, FK Team, and Pava Tweezers will join and there will be content creator representation from the US, Russia, Germany, and France as well.

Join in the fun and watch live here.

Islands of Nyne will present 48 player lobbies for this competitive ruleset event, with increased player counts seen in public matches in Early Access as optimization goals are reached.  30+ teams will be competing in a simulated 7 game series during this 3 hour competition, with a scoring system in place to provide some thrills for the fans and players alike as the teams compete across the 3.5km x 3.5km map.  The event will consist of three person teams, rounds taking only 15 to 20 minutes in this fast paced stamina free gameplay.  The studio will be debuting the first teaser trailer and new features during the event that will be available in game upon Early Access launch.  Saturday May 12th will be a showcase of not just the esports potential, but also the shoutcasting, observer camera, and custom servers systems in place to provide numerous communities the tools to create their own space within the larger Islands of Nyne ecosystem.

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