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Rev those engines, Double Kick Heroes is firing on all cylinders on Switch & Steam today

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Dark Light

 Headbang Club’s Double Kick Heroes is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game will then release on Game Pass for PC and Xbox One and the Xbox and Microsoft Store on the 28th.

You’re the hope of the last bastion of humanity. Jump into your Gundillac, Sheila and grab hold of the wheel – it’s time to take on everything a post-apocalyptic, metal-inspired rhythm shooter can throw at you, whilst moshing to the sickest heavy metal soundtrack in a game to date.

“To celebrate the release of the game on Nintendo Switch, we thought we’d ramp the metal up to a whole new level and teach you the power of Double Air Kicking.” David Elahee – Headbang Club. “But be warned, this mode isn’t for the faint of heart – so please double air kick responsibly!”

Double Kick Heroes is available now, priced at  €21.99 / £19.79 / $21.99 on Nintendo Switch & $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.49 on Steam.


  • A full story mode that’s accompanied by 50 kerranging songs, including the OST Volume 2 Update, by top artists such as Ultra Vomit, Volkorx, Gorod, Jinjer, Carpenter Brut and Gojira!

  • Unique Rhythm shooter mashup with incredibly detailed pixel art

  • 5 difficulty settings to test even the most metal of metal head’s skills

  • Tons of accessibility options

  • USB drum and guitar support on PC and Xbox One

  • Nintendo Switch Joy Con Alternative Motion Control Methods

    • Air drumming – Joy Con used as drumsticks, keeping in rhythm of game

    • Air beat – Can’t drum? No Problem! Stomp to the beat with your Joy Con

    • Want the all out motion controlled experience and really put that double kick pedal to the metal? Then it’s time to use two sets of Joy Con and play Double Air Kick style, one in your socks and one in your hands and drum and stomp your way through the apocalypse!

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