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Define Human Studios officially announce that they will stop working on Islands of Nyne : Battle Royale. The game itself will get no more updates, though players will be able to host their own servers and play on it, which will be added in one final update to the game. Official servers will remain up for some time until further notice, and the game will go free-to-play on Steam.

                          All players who purchased the game on or after November 29,2018 can apply for a refund from Steam. In addition,anyone purchasing the game from their web store on or after November 29,2018 will be eligible for a refund as well. Any cosmetic items earned in-game will stay within the player’s Steam inventories. All the forums related to Islands of Nyne : Battle Royale will be made read-only.

                                                                                           The final game update will also add a credits screen, which will thank the people who worked on the game as part of Define Human studios. The studio is also said to have dissolved since the announcement since it can no longer sustain the cost for further development on Islands of Nyne.

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