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Wasteland is one of the most influential RPGs of all time and has spawned successors the likes of Fallout and Arcanum. Being one of the first games to feature a persistent world, Interplay’s Wasteland is cherished in the minds of fans worldwide even 30 years after its release.

When a fan asked InXile entertainment (who made Wasteland 2) regarding the possibility of a remaster, the developers replied back saying: “We are in fact working on a remaster of the original Wasteland.”

Now we don’t know whether this is a full-blown remake (unlikely) or an HD remaster. Wasteland did receive an update in the visuals and sound department when it was shipped as Wasteland: The Original Classic along with the Director’s Cut of Wasteland 2. Chances are that the remaster will be akin to the Bard’s Tale Trilogy remaster done by Krome Studios in association with InXile. Whatever the case may be, we are definitely excited to see Wasteland get a modern facelift as well as for the upcoming Wasteland 3.

Coincidentally Wasteland was also the choice for my first editorial here in Indian Noob. You can check it out here.

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