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Esports is a rising trend in India and people have started to realize it’s potential. Games such as LoL, Heroes Of The Storm, DOTA2, and CS:GO have been gaining popularity all over the country. If E-Sport is a storm, then Ashwin is in the middle of it. Mr. Ashwin Jain is the Country Head of Natec Genesis, a company which offers premium quality computer peripherals at decent rates. He is also the CEO of Cyber Gaming Entertainment. Recently, we got a chance to talk to him about the current state of the industry, its future and what advise he has for any young aspiring gamers when he sat down with our correspondent Pratyush. Excerpts follow.

Hmm… I’ve got many answers from your life story. It’s pretty awesome that you are going into this field which is niche in India. How are you going to go ahead with promoting esports? Because you never know where in this country of 1.2 billion people you’ll find an awesome gamer?
Well, Yes the population is pretty huge. But eSports for me is passion, passion for which I can sweat and maybe I can bleed too. I can find someone who is ready for what it takes to be and maybe I have found one too. When it comes to promoting eSports, I started when I was 17. And its been a long journey and as far I am here I am gonna give everything I have to keep promoting it. Doesn’t matters what I am, a Gamer, an Events Organizer or a Co-orporate working for Gaming brand.
Which areas are you targeting at moment in India?
My focus is mostly on the Mumbai community. As most of the top gamers / teams are from Mumbai itself followed by Bangalore, Delhi and then Kolkata. And with their help shall be able to connect with more gamers and get their attention.
How do you feel about the parents of Indian gamers and specially parents of kids involved in Esports?
Well, when it comes to kid’s playing games, ofcourse their parents are supportive but not that much as expected. Of course every parent wants his child to be successful, be a big guy, earn big and contribute to the family. This is what every Father or Mother always think of and well that makes sense. As they don’t have much knowledge about Indian eSports or what eSports exactly is and what is making a career in eSports is like. eSports abroad is big, but in India not so. Every parent would like to be supportive but they won’t if anyone thinks of making a career out of eSports in India. It will take time, more time for changing their mentality. And patience is all it takes to get their attention. Talking about my parents; they were supportive but just until when I was studying and was limited to casual gaming.
That’s good. So how will you convince your parents if you are put in the same scenario? Hypothetical situation: Your parents are very strict but you have full access to internet.
Aha, well. First thing is I won’t actually go against my parent’s decision. But if my passion IS eSports, then I would take some steps. After all I do what I love to do and that makes me happy. So I will just ask my parent’s to give me 1 shot to go after what I want. I will prove myself. Never mind I win or loose; the only thing I would like to show them is how much I can sweat, how many difficulties I can go through to achieve what I want to be. As of course, every dream comes with a price. Maybe it can be a sacrifice or maybe not. So all I shall do is prove myself first. And I am pretty sure I will get my chance as every parent wants his child to be happy. And this can only happen if they let their kid go after his dream for at least once. So If I am worthy my parents will let me do what I want to.
You’ve been into organising esports since a very young age, and left professional gaming just so that you could remain i n the gaming industry. Would you like to go back to headshotting in CS?
Before answering your question, I would like to put a quick highlight for the readers how I started organizing events ! I was 17, use to game day and night but that wasn’t enough. As the community lacked the attention of gaming brands and lack of gaming events reduced the number of gamers in the community.
So I started doing research and then was introduced to CyAC (Cyber Athelete Competition) from Japan, CyAC was the leading eSports coordinator in Asia at that point of time between 2010 – 2012. So I joined and represented them in India. I organized 3 online tournaments with participation of more than 120 counter strike 1.6 teams in India. Each tournament use to run a month long and we gained a lot of traction through it. Razer and Zowie gears supported me during this tournaments providing their products as prizes. Well, my deal with CyAC was I won’t be paid anything but I shall prove myself to them.
With time CyAC got famous and I was able to get Asia eSports Cup (An International tournament) to India back in 2012. It took 2 years for me to prove myself. And hence my journey started. So when you ask me about going back to being a gamer, I think of it many times. But then I think I am done with it.
So basically, it won’t make sense to take a step back. As the work I do right now is all I love and my interest is not anywhere harmed by it.
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It’s good that you are going into the field you are passionate about. As for the next question, this is concern for many gamers as being called “Noobs”. Could you speculate on how gamers should have a view about new players? I mean even I have been kicked out in a game or two early on. How can that situation improve in India?
Every gamer is big or small, best or worse. Every beginner is a Noob and only then after practicing for days he becomes pro. So, we being a pro we should not disappoint our fellow gamers. We shall motivate them and teach them the game by putting them on our team itself. With every mistake at the beginning there is a lesson. So teaching and gaining from it is all the pros and the beginners should focus on, and only then the other gamers will take eSports seriously and follow it. Community in India is also lacking a correct guidance from Professionals out there. If its been done then Indian eSports will reach to new heights gradually.
Which games do you think that have a possibility of Esports in India? And which games would you personally like to see?
As we can see Dota 2 and CS : GO are gaining popularity gradually. But LOL also has alot number of users from India, mostly from Bangalore. So, I wonder why not League of Legends lead the eSports community. Personally, I prefer CS : GO. Recently, I had a look at the newly developed FPS game by YetiTech Studios. The game looks promising to me but I haven’t had a closer look at it.
What about games like COD or Team Fortress?
Call of Duty had a great following back 4 – 5 years ago. At this point of time, due to lack of funds for tournaments, organizers find it difficult to add on the games and which resulted to less tournaments been organized for COD. When the game has hardly any platform for the Indian users, the numbers playing COD reduced and the community went dead.
This was not the only reason though, there were others: like the fact that gamers can’t afford high end systems for the game, or the lack of support from parents. COD can be a hit in India but it will need more time. Same goes for Team Fortress, though I have hardly seen anyone playing the game professionally. The numbers are very very less so I don’t think Team Fortress can be included to make it financially viable. Unless and until there are funds and gamers are interested in the game. It will reach the expected interest as we can see in European countries.
Aha… Looks like you have thought it through and researched a lot. What about Smite and Heroes of the Storm?
Its hard to judge their presence, recently on 7th – 10th January a world championship for Smite was organized. I haven’t reasearched on the reports much as the game is not in the list of interests in India professionally. Heroes of Storm is good game to play but cant given a lead role in India. These games will need more time, firstly they are not introduced to Indian gamers properly. So its very hard to play around with the numbers playing the game.
I guess you have really thought this through. So when and what are you planning for your next event?
Honestly, I keep finding reasons to stick around to eSports. So maybe a new game or maybe new team. Or an organization. Because all I know and do is gaming. As far as the plans being for my next event, we shall introduce it soon as the works all rolling through and we are almost there. Its been a long vacation but not anymore. You will see me in action organizing more events throughout the year. Also, being a Brand ambassador for Natec Genesis Gaming gear in India, i have a lot of work to do so been ticking on the calender all this time.
So tell me more about Natec Genesis. What do you exactly do as a country head of the company?
Well, I am more like a Brand Ambassador with the added responsibilities of a Country Head for a brand. To be more precise, I have been appointed to polish the brand, get business, and explorer opportunities to as many gamers possible. I am the one to help gamers interested in Natec Genesis products.
Ashwin Jain, the face of Natec Genesys and C.G.E in India
Ashwin Jain, the face of Natec Genesis and C.G.E in India
Ohk and what would you say about the quality of your products based on personal usage and people’s reviews?
Frankly if I were to talk as a gamer, the products are Kickass. HX77 headset is one of the best products Natec Genesis has. 5.1 stereo with inbuilt sound card, Vibration mode and 4 Backlit modes being the important features, the reviews we got were pretty awesome too. The gears are currently being used by one of the top Indian eSports team, Neckbreak; and they found the gears pretty sweet.
So you people are their sponsors?
No, Not the sponsors. We have supported Neckbreak by providing them heavy discounts on our products. As they are one of the best teams in India, they deserved it. And we are here to help gamers explorer their potential.
Oh that’s great. So have you ventured into famous and traditional gaming lobbies?
Well, not yet. We are open to any proposal put forward to us. Also, we are being offered great propositions for gaming zones. As not all gaming zones have goods gears for gamers to play, we are also focusing on gaming zones for conversion from basic accessories to High end gaming gears.
That’s great, so we can get a great gaming year. This is the last question: What advice would you like to give to anyone who wants to move into game organizing like you?
If anyone would like to move into organizing events, I would just say the organizing community for eSports in India needs more people like me, more and more events are needed to develop Indian gaming scene. I would request those who are not focusing on being a professional eSports gamer, you can always try organizing an event. This will in other way help not waste your time and gain more experience to your profile.
It was great talking to you. Thank you for your time. What message would you like to say to our Indian gamers and Noobs *Hehe*?
I would like convey a small message, eSports is a hope, You may not have a right backing, no support but this does not means you shall stop and start dreaming. The ability to perform is only approached when you stop dreaming. If you want to be a all time best gamer, start playing professionally, practise hard, participate in as many tournaments possible, teach your fellow gamers and most importantly play LAN events. Lets not just keep talking, start acting too.

Well, that was Ashwin. What do you think of the current Indian Gaming scene. Do you think your parents will support you if you wanted to be a gamer. Do you have any questions for Ashwin which we might have skipped over. Let us know all that an more in the comments.
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