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For the few people, who visit IndianNoob for the latest in Indian gaming news. I have an update. A few weeks back, I was approcahed by Aman from AsidCast. He along with a collection of well natured people runs a pop culture website that among other things covers video games. He wanted me to take up the mantle of Game Editor over at his website. Now I have always wanted to work with like minded people, because I have always believed that I am too lazy and laid back when working alone.

So I said yes. And that’s where this update comes in. I will be working at AsidCast, but will still be keeping IndianNoob alive. After all this is the website which brought me to his attention in the first place. However I do not simply want to cross post and duplicate my posts over at AsidCast and vice-versa.

IndianNoob will be the place for all the Indian gaming news that I can gather. New trailers, new release dates, new DLC, everything will still be here. AsidCast will become home for my opinion posts, and sometimes my reviews. Posts which I believe don’t get the kind of attention they deserve.

Also I plan to work with AsidCast in bringing new things to the Indian Gaming market. Interviews with Indian game studios. Proper Game contest. And maybe one day, an Indian gaming podcast. Plans, plans, plans.

Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to check out AsidCast (www.asidcast.com). They cover Manga, E-Sports, and even TV Shows and are updated more regularly.

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