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Hola, one and all survivors of the ARK! If you’re one of the tribes out there, gathering berries, chopping down wood, mining for metal and stone, besides trying to tame and hunt the fierce beasts that live beside you, then you might have heard of the microraptor, small to look at, and easily misunderstood as a “weaker carnivore”. A small microraptor still shreds the skin off any moderately sized creature in sight, and always travel in swarms, making them harder to kill! If you’ve faced the creature in the game, be prepared to see the creature in real life. No, I’m not talking about a re-animation project, or a portal to the gaming world, but a real looking miniature model of the ferocious (yet small) carnivore many tribes underestimate (and ultimately pay the price for their negligence!)

In the ARK : Survival Evolved Facebook group, user Nadine Schadt has decided to re-animate the microraptor in real life. While her experiment has technically failed, because the microraptor still can’t move and do stuff on its own, the model looks highly life-like and has an uncanny resemblance to the actual microraptor that one encounters in the game!

We salute Nadine for the effort she put into bringing the microraptor alive, and wish to see miniature models of the other creatures from the ARK soon (let’s hope we get to see them on Etsy for purchase soon!)

Studio Wildcard, are you even noticing?

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