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If you’ve been in India, you know how much you wished to see those matches of DOTA 2 as well as Counter Strike : Global Offensive on TV. India has been progressing much in the sphere of e-sports (starting this year), so why doesn’t it have a TV channel dedicated to e-sports? Discovery decides to answer the question by launching their  new channel Dsports in India, which will broadcast all forms of e-sports in India.

As we all know, e-sports is still the playground of a few and not yet a mass phenomenon in India. But things have been changing for the better continuously. Better sponsors, better teams, more leagues, bigger prize pools, as well as better investors have certainly been found, and huge progress has been made since last year, when ESL decided to do yearly tournaments for India (called the ESL India Premiership). In order for the masses to know what e-sports is, television is a good tool, which can help excavate more gaming talent hidden across the country as well as make “e-sports” on equal footing with sports some time in the future.

The channel will host ESL India matches from 2:30 pm. Tune into Dsports on your TV to have an idea about what e-sports really is, and enjoy the show. You also get to know the Indian teams and their crew!


  1. Wow!! That’s Amazing.. Will they even broadcast tournament held by different gaming companies ? Such As MSI-Day Tournaments of CS and other tournaments ?

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