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Autonauts enters the Industrial Age with a massive free update that adds trains, railroads, steam power and mod support

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The acclaimed automated colony creator Autonauts enters the Industrial Age with a massive free update that adds trains, railroads, steam power and mod support via Steam Workshop

 Denki and Curve Digital have released their biggest update to date for the acclaimed coding and colonisation game, Autonauts. The free expansion, titled ‘The Industrial Revolution’, shifts the automation emphasis to mechanise the mining of coal and metal resources to fuel steam-powered worlds, using potent new Mk 3 Bots. Players can now create advanced railroad networks with fully-functioning trains and add their own cheats, scripts and content to the game for the world to enjoy via Steam Workshop.

Autonauts challenges players to colonise fertile alien worlds for the benefit of humanity with an array of robot helpers at their disposal. Utilising a visual programming language inspired by Scratch, players can playfully program their helpers to perform basic tasks like chopping down trees to more complicated duties like baking pies, fishing, powering-up other robots and lots more – all with the aim of satisfying colonists arriving from the homeworld.

This core gameplay loop has been greatly enhanced with the introduction of this expansion and the future for Autonauts is only set to get brighter with the introduction of Steam Workshop support, which means anyone can add new features and content to this colourful and refreshingly violence-free management game.

“Who doesn’t love trains? I know I do! And I’m sure Autonauteers old and new will too… Can’t wait to see what joyous madness they make with their automated railways – not to mention the modding! There’s so much good stuff in our first big update: so many new things to play with and new ways to play and a whole bunch of lovely improvements, many of those inspired by the ever-awesome Autonauts community and their votes on the public suggestions list,” said Denki’s Creative Director, Gary Penn.

For a full rundown of the new content, check out the summary below:

February 2020 – ‘The Industrial Revolution’

New Modding Support

  • Players can now upload and download custom scripts, upgrades, buildings and other content to the game via Steam Workshop.

New Train Networks

  • For the first time players can build advanced rail networks and infrastructure to ferry goods and resources around their expanding colonies
  • 20 different new structures and 4 new core vehicles including Train Engine and multiple freight options

New Colonist Evolution

  • Expand the evolution of your colonists with the addition of two entirely new categories on the in-game ‘Pyramid to Transcendance’: Health and Education. Make use of leeches and flowers to dispense medicinal aid to sick colonists and ensure they continue generating Wuv, and raise their undernourished intellect with books.

New Tools & Upgrades

  • Steam Hammer
  • Jacquard Power Loom
  • Super Backpack to store more items
  • Memory Upgrade so bots can perform more advanced routines
  • Printing Press
  • Paper Mill

New Housing

  • Two-Storey Brick House and Mansion

Suitably Dickensian attire

  • Shirt and Tie, Coat and Scarf, Blazer and Cravat

New Toys

  • Horse and Carriage
  • Dollhouse

To celebrate all this Industrial Revolution-themed content arriving, Autonauts will be available at a 30% discount for a limited time on Steam. So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to jump onboard the Autonauts train!

To learn more about Autonauts and to stay up-to-date with the game’s continued expansion, including the endlessly inventive and undoubtedly awesome player-built content on Steam Workshop, please visit the game’s official Steam product and community page here:

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