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After previously announcing that they have a new Inazuma Eleven game in the works for a “higher quality system than the 3DS” – which everyone assumed to be the Nintendo Switch – Level-5 has yet again dropped another hint.

In a recent livestream (which revealed the anime is being pushed to Spring 2018) Level-5 CEO Akihito Hino talked with the show host about the upcoming game. Here’s how it went:

MC: People are asking which console it will be released for.

Hino: Well, no one would thought it will be 3DS after they saw the footage we showed on the last stream.

MC: Please also release it for 3DS.

Hino: No no no no… Sw….

MC: Swi….I will buy whatever console you’ll release [Inazuma Eleven] on. But currently it’s really difficult to buy a Switch, so…

Hino: What? Who said it is for Switch?

The next livestream will drop on October 2 so maybe Level-5 will have something concrete to say then?

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