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ID software studio director Tim Willits today announced that he will be parting ways with the company. Making it public in a tweet, Tim mentioned that all projects currently in development are in “very good hands” and that the studio is full of “amazing talent” that will continue to work on the projects after his departure. He also said that he would be staying with the studio till Quakecon.

Tim started work at ID as a level designer for quite sometime before his appointment as the director. He had the pleasure of working on titles like DOOM, Quake Champions, and RAGE (both 1 and 2). His future plans are uncertain as of now, though he has promised to reveal them after his official departure following Quakecon this year.

                                                                                                              There are quite a few conspiracy theories floating that suggest that Tim may have parted ways with the company because of a few executive decisions taken by Zenimax Media, the parent company for ID software. Tim’s unconventional plans did cause controversy sometimes, especially when his decision to make maps for multiplayer modes backfired badly.

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