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The Dawning is a limited time event in Destiny 2, which requires players to collect various ingredients across the game and bake them into treats, which could then be exchanged for bounties and various powerful gear.

Like most posts about Destiny 2, this is sourced from Reddit. And lists out all the ways you can get your hands on the various ingredients. There are 3 parts to every treat, so we have divided this article into 3 sections. Happy Hunting.

First Ingredient

Vex Milk = Vex Kills

Ether Cane = Fallen Kills

Cabal Oil = Cabal Kills

Chitin Powder = Hive Kills

Taken Butter = Taken Kills

Dark Ether Cane = Scorn Kills

Second Ingredient

Delicious Explosion = Any Explosive Kill

Sharp Flavor = Sword Kills

Impossible Heat = Solar Kills

Electric Flavor = Arc Kills

Null Taste = Void Kills

Flash of Inspiration = Create Orbs of Light

Personal Touch = Melee Kills

Perfect Taste = Precision Kills or Sniper Body Shots

Bullet Spray = Any automatic weapon (Just Dump Mags, Hip fire or aiming)

Third Ingredient

Essence of Dawning = Drops from any activities

The amount of essence of dawning is dependent on the kind of activity you are doing. Heroic public events, heroic adventures and nightfall strikes earn you way more essence than patrols. But the drop is extremely common so this is the last ingredients you would worry about.

Once you have collected enough ingredients, and have discovered all the recipes, you can unlock the exotic sparrow, The Dawning Cheer.

Let us know if you are enjoying this extra meta of rewards is something that’s bringing you back to Destiny.

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