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Nvidia, a global tech leader known for its innovations in graphics processing units (GPUs), has once again pushed the boundaries of gaming with its latest solution – the Avatar Cloud Engine(ACE). At this year’s Computex event, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang hinted that Omniverse ACE would provide gamers with unprecedented interactivity and hyper-realism.

Avatar Cloud Engine provides real-time AI solutions for creating realistic avatars and digital characters within the game. It’s built upon the foundation of Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and NVIDIA RTX technology. ACE makes avatar creation easier using cloud-native AI microservices and workflows, including tools like Live Portrait, Omniverse Audio2Face, Riva, and NeMo.

One of the core features of the Avatar Cloud Engine is its ability to generate AI-driven avatars that are remarkably lifelike and adaptive. An AI avatar ensures that the experience with in-game characters feels natural and exciting by mimicking fundamental human interactions, expressions, and gestures. This innovation can also change the dynamic of single-player and multiplayer experiences, enabling players to converse with responsive NPCs.

Gaming enthusiasts and industry experts are excited about the potential applications of Nvidia’s latest innovation. Some envision AI avatar characters that learn and adapt to individual players’ strategies, personalizing the challenge and depth of gameplay. Others anticipate the technology’s influence on storytelling, opening opportunities for more complex character narratives.

Watch the video below for more details.

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