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Rant On Nvidia GTX Titan XP: : Stop The Obsessive Card Release Disorder

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So Nvidia officially announced the official Titan XP. Yes that is pretty much the term that people had coined to the the previous Titan X because Nvidia had made two consecutive Titans Xs- one based off the Maxwell architecture and one based off the Pascal architecture. To someone who is not well versed in the knowledge of GPUs or people who just want to experience the best performance and have lots of money to throw around, this is a really good way to confuse those type of consumers.

This creates a scenario of being confused by the old Titan X(M), the new Titan X(P) and the newer Titan XP, but then we have been calling Titan X(P) as Titan XP because Nvidia themselves couldn’t do the nomenclature of their cards properly without throwing a confusing spin on it, so Nvidia went ahead and released an official Titan XP, threw away the confusing spin and made it downright confusing.

Now this is very much the Samsung-y mobile division’s business strategy (especially in India), flood the market with GPUs so that the general consumer only sees Nvidia everywhere. And it’s pretty clear actually, Nvidia has- GTX 1050, GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti, GTX Titan X(P) and now the Titan XP; while AMD has- RX 460, RX 470 and RX 480; as clear as day honestly, but to the general consumer who isn’t in this field, and wants to get into gaming without any external help, deciding between GPUs will be a chore and a headache.

Coming to the second part of the rant, the performance increase. As we all know, the Titan X(P) released last year around August at a price of 1200$, the GTX 1080Ti launched just a month ago for about 700$ and now they have released a Titan XP with not even a year being passed from the launch of the original Titan X(P). So, if as a consumer, you got a Titan X(P) near launch for 1200$, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are swearing at Nvidia right now because you feel like you have been kicked in the gut.

I mean, sure, at least half of the population getting the Titan series knows that Nvidia will release a Ti version of the XX80 GPU in a particular generation at a lower price which will be on par with their GPU 6 months down the line, and many people have accepted that trend, but now, about 8 months after the release of the Titan X(P), there is another card worth 1200$ which provides what, I am guessing there will be a 10 fps increase tops. An increment of 200+ CUDA cores and a slightly higher memory bandwidth isn’t going to increase performance all that much.

So what is the actual point of releasing this card right now? Now I am assuming Activision’s continuous churning out mediocre Call of Duty titles and Ubisoft’s continuous churning out bog standard open world sandbox games (Excpet For Honor, before anyone of you comments that) is rubbing off on Nvidia the wrong way, which is not surprising considering that Nvidia keeps on partnering with Ubisoft regularly in spite of their games being unoptimized for the PC platform (Again except For Honor). No don’t tell me they are optimized when even a GTX 1070 can’t run Ultra (Every setting to extreme) at 1080p on 60 fps.


Now that I have said everything I wanted to say, I would like to know your thoughts in the comments below. Personally I own a GTX 1070 system and it is a pretty decent card for gaming at 1080p and runs 90% of the games at 1080p 80-90 fps. What do you think about the Titan XP launch? What do the owners of Titan X(P) think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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