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Yakov Butuzoff has announced that the point-and-click horror-adventure game Døm Rusalok will hit PCs worldwide via Steam on January 6, 2021. Døm Rusalok is a point-and-click horror-adventure game about the childhood of post-soviet kids in 1990’s Russia. The story is set in a provincial town on the outskirts of the crumbling Soviet Empire. It is a story about children who come across a disturbing horror they are unable to comprehend.

DØM RUSALOK – is a story that follows the traditions of great works by Stephen King and Robert Stine. It is a story about children who have to face a disturbing horror. Only this time action does not take place in cozy suburban America but at cellars, basements and yards of provincial 90’s Russia. The post-soviet Russian setting gives the game a unique atmosphere like no other. It creates a space where no one can hear your scream.

The main characters of Døm Rusalok are children. Therefore, the story is told from a child’s perspective and shows how an average kid would experience all of the complex and conflicting events of that era.

A number of challenges await the children who are about to discover the deepest darkest secrets hidden away in a human soul. A homicidal maniac is on the loose, while the street gangs thrive under police protection. A cult with a TV psychic medium leader grows in popularity among the people. However, most importantly, at the heart of an abandoned research institute, which the town was originally built around, a somewhat chthonic power is about to awaken.

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