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Square Enix had announced that the reboot game in the Hitman series will be “fully-episodic“.

Initially, ‘The Hitman Intro Pack‘ which was set to release in March for $35 USD including France, Italy and Morocco sandbox locations, six missions and weekly events happening till April. New locations such as Thailand, US, and Japan would follow from April to June for another $30 USD.
Alternatively, players can also buy the full game and upcoming content for $60 USD up front. This includes all of the upcoming 2016 content as it release along with all live and bonus content. And if you purchased the Intro Pack, it can be upgradable to full game with the $50 USD upgrade pack.

Yesterday, IO Interactive announced that the plan has changed and the game will now be a “truly episodic AAA game experience, with a major live component“. Now, the game will come with a Prologue Mission and Paris location; the next location, Italy will be up in April, and Morocco set to release in May. Monthly and Weekly content updates will continue the game’s expansion, until the season concludes with the release of Japan later this year.

“We decided to take the full leap and publish Hitman as a truly episodic game experience,” – IO-Interactive Studio Head Hannes Seifert said.

He again quoted by saying –

“Part of that decision is for that little bit of extra time to ensure every location we release is at the quality level fitting for a Hitman game. But the main driving reason is that this will allow us to create a living game that will expand and evolve over time and establish a foundation for the future—this is the first game in a storyline which will continue and expand with future Hitman games.”

Due to its episodic manner, the prices have gone down. The “Full Experience” is still of $60 USD, but the Initial Intro Pack, with Prologue and Paris missions, will now being sold for $15 USD and subsequent locations will be $10 each served as an add-on item to the Intro Pack.

Traditionally, a disc version or a physical version of the game, which will hold the full season content within it, will hit at the end of 2016.

The developers has something special for PlayStation 4 users, as they will be given exclusive access to ‘The Sarajevo Six‘ which contains six bonus contracts, in which Agent 47 “travels the world pursuit of six former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA” in a self-contained side story.

Hitman, is expected to be the larger member in the Hitman series. The Hitman beta is starting on February 12 for PlayStation 4 users and on February 19 for PC players. Guaranteed access to the beta can be obtained by per-ordering the Full Experience or the new Intro Pack. The episodic adventure is starting officially in March 11. So load your guns and get ready for it!!

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