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When Windows 10 released on 29th July, many gamers were excited about Direct X 12 which is supposed to be better than its previous iteration in terms of gaming performance. Direct X 12, according to sources will be like a free hardware upgrade and is claiming an increase of gaming performance by 20%. But sadly enough there are not many games that have come out on DX12 yet. So we cant say whether the performance is only theoretical or practical.


According to official news, Direct X 12 will allow much lower level hardware optimisation in comparison to Direct X 11 which had some serious complications in the area. For those who have older processors like i3 2nd gen or 3rd gen, they will experience less bottlenecking. At some point in the future Direct X 12 will allow GPUs of different companies to work together such as an integrated card working with a dedicated card (He he don’t worry the possibility of Nvidia and AMD working together seems bright if you were thinking that). You must be wondering how the games will get such a significant performance boost. The game will not put the whole load on your primary GPU, rather the load will be divided on all parts of the computer. In the future, if the dedicated graphics card is able to work with the integrated one, most probably all the heavy tasks like textures and other stuff will be handled by the primary GPU and the other smaller tasks like post processing will be handled by the integrated one.





The above images were from Square Enix’s real time DirectX 12 tech demo.

In theory Direct X 12 will not only improve frame rates in higher end PCs but we will also see significant improvements in lower end PCs. So it is bringing in a new era of gaming which may well be the actual next gen.

On the DirectX Developer Blog, Microsoft explains that performance can be enhanced by around 10 percent just by utilising a CPU’s integrated graphics. According to Microsoft’s tests, this does add a frame of latency, however the boost that the extra power gives should even things out. This means that if you just have an integrated GPU onboard your CPU, you should see tangible benefits once developers start to utilise this feature.

Only by the end of 2015 still we start seeing what Direct X 12 is actually capable of, when the games start rolling out. Till then we can only wait with our fingers crossed.

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