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Like I always say, “one can never have too much dystopian RPGs.” Surprisingly enough, the latest addition to this roster comes from  LOGIC NINE, who produce large-scale commercial and enterprise-level ERP/business management systems for heavy industry all over the globe. They also develop Artificial Intelligence systems which learn and sort refuse in recycling operations nationwide. A perfect candidate you say? Well then, have a gander at The Nothing, a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk RPG which is currently live on Kickstarter.

The Nothing is a role-playing game set in a futuristic Los Angeles with choice-driven gameplay and 12 possible endings. Moreover, it’s largely developed by a single person.

The Nothing will feature tonnes of interesting things despite its name, such as:

  • A TRUE RPG set in the third-person with lots of action and a large emphasis on explorationcrafting and discovery.
  • Build-able and customizable vehicles, weapons and more!
  • Full NPC dialogue which alters the present and future of the game.
  • Both lethal and Non-lethal gameplay.
  • The game will be developed for XBOX ONE, PS4, PC, Linux and Nintendo Switch
  • The game environment is comprised of 3 worlds: the upper Utopia, Lower Los Angeles, and the underground sewer system
  • There are game mechanics which have never been done before in any game.
  • Realistic hacking mechanics using real technological principals!
  • You can enter almost every building in the game! Over time, they will replace “FOR RENT” and “FOR SALE” signs with interactive locations: businesses, homes, apartments, etc. This game is intended to grow over time and continue playability for years.

Described as a passion project with heavy financial investment from the developer Matthew R. Walsh’s end, The Nothing is asking for a primary goal of $600,000 for the campaign to be successful. 

The developer has this to say: “Although this will be the first commercially available game released by us, it is not intended to be the last. The understanding provided by building engines and games from scratch offers a unique advantage to development that will allow us to produce a AAA-quality game with even a smaller budget and a limited team than other commercial games in the same class/category.”

You can find plenty of game information and stretch goals in the official Kickstarter page. The wishes the developer all the very best!

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