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HellDivers 2 discount right now has three different listings with 3 different pricing. We can’t wrap our heads around the same yet, but is it a planned discount or an honest listing error?

Spotted by gaming enthusiasts and people who are flexing that they are glad they waited to buy the game on sale, Helldivers was spotted at sale for only 1,042 INR from the original launch price of 2,500 INR for the standard edition. While this sparked joy, upon exploring the search section, 3 Different Helldivers listings are available on Steam right now, with everything from the description to studios being the same except the prices.

At the time of writing, the original store page still has the 2,500 INR price, and 2 different listings have a price of 1,042 INR and 800 INR which has also been marked as ‘Special Promotion’. This has been speculated to be a DLC listing error which was also done in the past with a certain game on Steam. A good chunk of people assume this to be a regional pricing error that has been made common globally.

Does it Work?

NO! As confirmed by our gamer friends, upon buying the 800 INR listing price of the game, you get a different game.

Whatever this may be, there are no official comments by the handles of the game at the time of writing. We will be updating this article as the story develops.

Helldivers 2 is an Action-Third Person Shooter Co-op game that is entirely community-driven. The game offers an entire list of difficulties to find the perfect pick that you can handle with your squad. With a long list of planets to discover and prevent infestations by performing various operations, you are guaranteed to devote yourself to fighting for democracy for hours. With an actual seamless, optimized, efficient performance of the game and multiplayer, I was always in for a good time while playing the game.

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