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For many years now, mainstream gaming industry has focused on making games visually better. This is not to say that sound design has been completely neglected, but very few games have implemented ambient sound into gameplay, of which stealth games are on top of the list.

Of course, action games do not require as much detailing to sound as stealth games do, due to obvious reasons, but Hellblade is seeming to change that trend with exceptional 3D-sound design and effects.

The latest developer diary goes through how important sound design is, in their latest game, and how they will incorporate it in gameplay elements and how sound will play an important role of communication between the game and the player.

Do have a look at the video, where they show off some of the various sound effects and let us know what you think in the comments below. I am personally excited for this game, because Ninja Theory is one of my favorite studios, and they are bringing something refined to the table with their latest offering.

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