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Boosters, The New Store, and New Killer Clown Character Make Their Debut

Hoplon, the developers of Heavy Metal Machines, are pleased to announce that the latest update to their currently running open beta is now live – including on the newest beta servers which just opened in Asia – with a host of updates to improve user experience. This update also includes the rollout of a new character, the psycho clown, Killer J.

Killer J
Like any good scary clown, this Interceptor character is a specialist in creating chaos and infuriating his enemies with his hysterical mocking laughter. The ultimate troll in the Arena, this con-man pilot is a pro at making you look like a (lesser) clown with his Friendly Rockets and Round-a-Blast attack that will leave you turning like a midway tilt-a-whirl. But like any great comedian, he sets up his best gag for last, when he’ll make you the butt of The Big Joke – a huge exploding barrel that does an area-of-effect attack that leaves enemies spinning out of control like a giant wheel of misfortune being spun by a cackling mad man. Killer J is a man with few friends and many detractors, but he takes it all with a smile on his face, because the more people hate, the more chaos he can create, especially when he drops A Compliment that reflects 50% of all damage taken back to his attackers.

New Additions
This new update includes a number of new features for players of the open beta to explore. The most significant of those may be the official opening of the store and the acceptance of hard currency starting February 14th. This will allow players to buy items like DLC characters before they go into rotation (like Killer J who enters free rotation on February 28th) or other items like boosters to your fame or experience that work over a limited period of time.

Hoplon is also pleased to announce the availability of a Founder’s Pack, for players wanting to guarantee all Heavy Metal Machines pilots right off the bat – launched and still to be launched – plus Gold Skins and more goodies at launch. The Founder’s Pack will come in three flavors; Gold, Silver and Bronze editions.

For more information on new character Killer J, please visit his homepage: www.heavymetalmachines.com/killerj .

To find out more about the exciting world of Hoplon’s Heavy Metal Machines, please follow them on Twitter and Facebook or visit http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/ .

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