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Italian developer Curtel Games has announced that the “Choose Your Own Adventure- RPG”, The Ballad Singer is now available on Steam Early Access after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Ballad Singer is set in the world of Hesperia: a fantastic yet realistic universe, where the laws of science merge with those of magic. Hesperia is a cruel world, merciless on unprepared adventurers. Don’t trust anyone, use your instinct and your knowledge – as this is the only way to survive and to continue your quest.

The Ballad Singer invites the player to build their own path during each game, creating challenging, immersive stories where decision-making and consequences will directly determine your fate. The Ballad Singer offers a fantasy story that’s yet to be written, where the world changes and reacts to the player’s actions, with all decisions affecting the way the tale unfolds.

This will allow you to experience up to 1,700 stories and 40 different endings. Every single development and subplot in your story is completely narrated and illustrated, even the smallest ones.

The Ballad Singer is available for purchase for ₹ 569.

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