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The Hearthstone official card reveal stream had revealed a large number of cards, including three Overkill cards, which seem to be the flavor of the new expansion. This was followed by a number of Mage card reveals which modified the way the hero power works, when Regiskillbin took on Chakki in a duel. There were two decks, each containing four cards up for reveal – one Warlock deck, and one Mage deck. A leak by Hearthstone Brazil’s twitter has revealed all the new cards contained in the Warlock deck.

The cards include High Priestess Jeklik, which gives back two copies of itself whenever it is discarded, Soulwarden, which gives back three random discarded cards back, Reckless Diretroll, which discards the card with the lowest cost in the player’s hand, and Shriek, which discards the card with the lowest cost in the player’s hand and deals 2 damage to all minions on the game board.

Warlock looks to be getting some Discard themed cards this expansion. A hot topic of discussion among the community related to Discard cards seemed to revolve around the fact that more freedom should be given to player than discarding random cards. Looks like Blizzard finally listened to the community, giving them what they like – allowing players to specifically discard the lowest cost card instead of any random card. Allowing players to recover discarded cards – yet another demand by the community – seems to have been met too.

      Rastakhan’s Rumble might affect the meta in ways players cannot imagine. That is, if Blizzard decides to perk up and nerf Druid’s armor gain too.

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