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In a recent post we had covered Hanchu, an app on Google playstore on which you could buy and sell console games. The updates, as mentioned in the earlier post have been rolled out and have been mentioned below:

1. Google+: They now have Gmail login! At first only Facebook login was available, but they have learnt from their mistakes. They have both Facebook and Google+ logins.

2. Notifications: Some bugs related to messages not popping up have been corrected.

3. User ratings/reviews: They have enabled user rating after every transaction. Once you buy or sell a game, you can rate the other person once transaction is complete.

This is not the end of the development period, and the developers are continuing support by rolling out the following updates in the near future:

1. Redeem Hanchu points for discounts

2. Guest checkout

3. iOS and website

Let us know what you think about the app, so that the developers can help. Peace out.

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