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Hanchu is a new app on the Google Playstore in the growing gaming market of India. What is the app for, you ask? Well, it’s one the of the few destinations for purchasing and selling your console games at an appropriate price. Let’s have an in depth look at the app and its features so as to get a better idea of how it functions.


First off you’ll be welcomed by an attractive screen with what seems like an Xbox controller on it. You can either continue as a guest or you can use a Facebook login to create a profile in the app. A Google login will be available on the app in coming time. Logging in via Google or Facebook will automatically make you a member.

Only a member can sell or buy games, guests can only browse through the games.

The name ‘New Titles’ has been changed to ‘Other titles’

The UI of the app is pretty friendly- color contrast is good, there are no useless tabs, no small icons for which you’ll need to squint your eyes and zoom in to press the right icon etc. You can view the two tabs right away- Recommended & Other Titles. The recommended games are the ones which will get the most positive reviews by the consumers and the new entries are the ones that come new to the app. Since their library is small right now, both these tabs have similar games. But as the number of games increase we could see variations in the list of games. At the top of the screen are the- Search, Filters & App Menu Icons. Filter can be used for System and Genre preference. The fact that there is no ‘PC’ section in the System filter is a bit disappointing because it is one of the most preferred gaming systems in India. The app menu gives you a tour of the app and also has the in-app login icon.

At the bottom of the screen- Alerts, Library, Cart and Profile icons are present. The one surprising thing about your profile is that you can follow people and have followers on the app, we suppose like Instagram. The app also has a points system in which you get points for every purchase. In future if you buy another game, these points can be used in place of cash to get them. We didn’t encounter any bugs while accessing the app which is a good thing. And if you own an iPhone or don’t have a smart phone, don’t worry.

The iOS app and the site are in active development and will be rolled in the coming months.


It’s a good app for all the lethargic people out there as it offers door to door service of games. Though the games can only be sold in the metros for now, the delivery is pan India. Expansion is an inevitable outcome. If you are worrying about the game’s workablity, they have it covered, because the game is checked at the seller’s doorstep. And if by any chance or mishap, the game does not work on your console, they do a full refund. But if you want to return a game in spite of its working, maybe due to not liking the game, they have the feature of partial cash return too, and the game goes back to the seller.

It will be good to see ‘PC’ section in the future. Overall the app is pretty good and gives a new perspective to gaming in India. The concept of gaming being considered a hobby for people with extravagant living can be hopefully reduced with this.

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