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Okami’s release is right around the corner, that is December 12th 2017. It’s a game that PC gamers have probably played through emulators and many of those who haven’t most likely don’t know about the game.

Okami HD has been confirmed for a 30 fps locked which is kinda disappointing considering it’s the PC port. It’s even more surprising becasue of the fact that the game’s system requirements are relatively high for a game that released on the PS2. Now, it might be a case of the mechanics being tied to the frame rates of the game , as was the case with Zelda BOTW on CEMU.

If that is the case, it is considerable since they are charging 20$ for the game. When it is priced so low, there is a certain amount of leeway that can be allowed since they are not remaking the game.

We just hope that the game doesn’t have many issues apart from the 30 fps lock and it’ll not be surprising if a modder is able to get it running at 60 fps within the week.

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