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The much-awaited GTA Online summer update drops on August 11, and boy does it raise the heat! A gamut of new activities will be available – new co-op missions launched from your Super Yacht for the sailor in you, thrilling new tracks at the Open Wheel Races along with a dozen new rides, and new Business Battles and Adversary Modes that will net you some serious rewards.

You will also find several bug fixes and general improvements. With this update, it’s a double whammy from Rockstar – after previously releasing a meaty update to Red Dead Online only a few days back!

Looking to buy the yacht? It will hurt you a cool $6 million, but the deep-sea diving awaits you! Feel like you can take a better jab at making fresh race tracks? Check out the new Open Wheel Race Creator. GTA Online seems to have cracked the formula of having something special for every gamer!

Rockstar has teased that later this year Heists will return to GTA Online in its biggest ever update. After the big giveaway on the Epic Games Store, Grand Theft Auto V sold even better! The game has sold 135 million copies since its launch and continues to rake in the big bucks for Take-Two Interactive. Owing to its tremendous success, GTA Online will get a standalone release in the second half of 2021 on the PS5 (and probably also on the Xbox Series X) which will feature technical improvements, visual upgrades, and performance enhancements.

Check out Rockstar’s official newswire for more details.

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