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Loftia’s Kickstarter Campaign has been announced which runs throughout August. If you are even slightly interested towards games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and more, then Loftia must have already made rounds on your Instagram Feed.

Loftia aims to go beyond and capture a broader audience in the gaming space that not only will have the love of existing players but at the same time invite more people to join this virtual space filled with adventure, excitement, activities and pets.

To understand it briefly, Loftia is a solarpunk game. As per their interpretation, the ‘Solarpunk’ genre refers to where mankind is no longer a threat to the environment. In this cozy adventure, you will get the opportunity to build your own home, much like the games of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. The game aims to take inspiration and go beyond in its own twist. The best part is that the game is also planned for a release on the Nintendo Switch, along with PC and Mac. Who knows? if the game continues to receive the amount of love and support, we might even get to see it on the PlayStation/Xbox consoles soon.

As of now, Kickstarter has already gone above and beyond, clearing many goals, but the last stretch is still left to embark on the plans for every concept to turn into a reality. Supporting the Kickstarter, you will also have the option to opt for tiers that give you early or alpha access, or you might go pick a tier with a reward that you just cannot take your eyes off!

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