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Ubisoft recently dropped a new free update for their open-world tactical shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands, which brings new PvP features and details to the game.

The free Interference update features a new 4v4 objective-based game mode called Uplink, in which teams compete to control and defend an access point in the center of the map. The update also incorporate five new maps along with a new PVP class called the Disruptor. Ubisoft described the Disruptor as “a support player equipped with jamming devices, [who] can interfere with the enemy team’s markers, mini-map information, and notifications”. However, so as to maintain a counter-balance, Disruptors cannot mark enemies or send pings to teammates. So, there is that.

Season Pass owners will obviously get seven days early access to all new classes. Non-season pass players can unlock new classes through the game’s Prestige Credits.

Moreover, five additional free PVP updates will be coming to the game: Jungle Storm, Extended Ops, New Assignment, Reinforcement, and Bravo 6. Akin to Interference, these updates will contain a brew of new classes, new maps, new modes, and gameplay tweaks.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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