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Wanted to cruise in space, searching planets and building bases on it every other day? That’s No Man’s Sky. What happens when, due to a tragic accident, you crash-land on a planet, and have to curve out a survival course for yourself? That’s Planet Nomads. A more realistic space survival simulator. And it gets better, because you get to synthesize guns in the game now.

The new patch (though it is called a Hotfix by developer Craneballs Interactive),  aims to adds a medium sized armory to the game. When in line with the other production blocks, the conveyor belts start working, and starts up automated production.

The Medium Armory for synthesizing weapons with it’s conveyor belts.

Also, the game gets its first gun. Now you get to shoot alien lifeforms that threatens your survival on the planet surface.

A prototype of the gun to added to the game, the model still being under development.

Fancied staying under water for a longer period of time, but can’t? Now you can. Refill your oxygen levels with the new oxygen tanks. Surviving underwater, has never been easier. A trailer showing its usage can be seen here :

Does it meet the needs of the survivors stranded in space? Or do they need better gadgets and equipment to survive? Let us know in the comments below.

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