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In competitive gaming, it is very important to listen to footsteps, gunfire, and figure out where the enemy is. Proper communication with teammates is also of utmost important for turning an otherwise lost match into a win. This is when you find the need for competitive gear, to successfully pull off clutches, and to give instructions to fellow teammates. Buying separately is a good idea, but random pricing as well as a lack of guarantee of after-market support often puts you off. This where handy deals like the SteelSeries Gaming Bundle come in.

The SteelSeries Gaming Bundle offers the Arctis 3 gaming headset, the Apex 100 gaming keyboard, the Rivals 100 gaming mouse and the QCK 63004 gaming mouse pad. All of these goodies for a grand total of 9999 INR only. Yup, you heard it right. The price is quite a good one for the combo offer, and is officially endorsed by Acro engineering company, the distributors for SteelSeries products. Acro also means good aftermarket support if anything goes wrong, so you’re making a safe purchase.

The only problem is that the bundle is not available on any online retailer, but has to be purchased from Acro themselves, by dropping them an email here. Going the extra mile for securing the bundle by emailing Acro themselves is definitely worth it as compared to buying the products separately.

The offer’s a really good one, and worth breaking your piggy banks for, if you want some decent gaming peripherals to boost your MMR in online games.

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