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EDIT: It appears that players having all operators are supposed to get 25000 Renown, but the Renown isn’t being rewarded. Apparently, Ubisoft is aware of this issue, and it shall be resolved shortly.

If you’re a Rainbow Six player, then be ready for freebies during the holidays! As part of a gift to the community, Ubisoft is giving away a special holiday pack for free, which contains any operator from the basic, Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 operators that isn’t in your collection. Treat it like a pre-Christmas present from Ubisoft.

Of course, if you’re one who has ground out, or purchased all of the operators, (like me) the gift is kind of fruitless, since the “conversion” into an operator from the collection fails.

Rainbow Six Siege is an extremely tactical game, and heavily depends on the operators as well as the playstyles of the players. A free operator, especially one which is useful in the competitive meta, reduces a lot of grind.

Rainbow Six Siege is about to enter its 4th year after release, and the game is still going strong, sporting one of the strongest player gains in 2018.

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