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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are regarded as some of the best RPG games of all time and here we are, comparing the main characters of both the epic franchises in a head to head battle. On one hand we have the Nord class of Skyrim and on the other hand we have the Witcher Geralt of Rivia. Who will win? Place your bets now.

In the red corner with the weird hat:: Dovahkin:


Dragonborn huh, the word ‘Dragon’ itself invokes fear among the folk. But what happens when you can slay a dragon, absorb it’s sould and keep on becoming powerful like that (Pretty much reminds me of Fairy Tail’s Acnologia). But since we have a fully ‘dragon soul’ fueled dragon born here, let’s have a look at what he can offer:

  • Various kinds of destruction, restoration, conjuration as well as alteration
  • Jack of all trades of combat such as single and double handed weapons as well as archery
  • The Dragon shouts add to the firepower of the already rich magical firepower our Nord already has
  • Can use other living beings to fight for him

Though our Nord is the master of Skyrim, we can certainly see the total lack of speed in our character which will not be in favor of our character. Also another key weakness can be seen as the time lapse between the use of dragon shouts and also the various skills that will be useless in a 1v1 battle such as stealth, lockpicking (lol) etc which will also include some dragon shouts like clear skies.

In the blue Corner with the weird hair:: Geralt of Rivia:


Geralt, as we know, goes by many badass names such as- Butcher of Blaviken, The White Wolf, King Slayer and another few which indicate that he cannot be taken lightly. He is a specialized monster hunter and does make sure to live up to the name. His various abilities include:

  • Superhuman speed, agility, resistance and strength allow him to attack at high speeds and dodge at effectively the same
  • Great swordsmanship skills, fondly lead to him being called the ‘Dance of Death’ by many
  • A host of signs as well as their alternate versions give him great firepower
  • Great crossbow aim (According to the game)
  • Witcher sense which allows heightens his senses to superhuman limits (Sort of like spider sense)
  • Has the ability to grasp the opponents’ weakness and exploit it (As evident by the games)

But all this does happen at the very end of Witcher 3, so we can’t conclude of what weakness he has other than maybe that he does not have any kind of regeneration of his own and neither does he have a sign that regenerates his health and hence has to depend on potions. Also another weak aspect can sometimes be his skill with the sword. If he is in combat with someone extremely fast, he would have a tough time handling the opponent.

Ground Rules

Many of you may point that our Skyrim character can be made to reach level 100 of each skill tree if given enough time, hence we decided that we will take a fully upgraded Nord which will include all kinds of summons and also all kinds of destructions as well as restoration spells. Also we will take Geralt to the highest level of skill that can be reached in the Witcher 3, which includes alternate signs as well as various melee variants of movements that are unlocked at different stages. Also we will be making them independent of their ‘Menu Dependency’ of changing magic. They can change their magic whenever they want. And every passive ability will be active throughout battle. Also we will be just keeping the level limited to 251 just to make sure that you don’t assume lvl 1000 and give him a lot of magicka. That will let the Nord win with sheer amount of Magic. Also for convenience sake, we will exclude all kinds of mods and DLCs. And friendly fire is on, so if a fireball blasts near the caster he gets hurt equally. Now that we have all that aside, we shall have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of them:

Ready Your Weapons! GO!!!


The Nord uses the Dragon shout disarm to make Geralt let go off his steel sword, thus making him use the silver sword as his primary weapon, which is not effective against humans. Geralt instantly reacts to this, uses Quen-1, rolls over and takes the steel sword. Dovahkin summons a fire atronarch which starts attacking Geralt. Geralt can see it coming from a long way off and is easily able to dodge the fireballs by the flamatronarch.


Dovahkin tries to charge, but Geralt is quick on his toes is ready with his crossbow. Dovahkin takes out his bow and arrow too. Geralt’s move backfires, and now he has to fight 2 ranged enemies at once. The fireball is already on the way and Dovahkin has his sight firmly set on Geralt. Geralt dodges the fireball, but has no time to dodge the arrow. In a pinch, Geralt uses Aard-1 to counter the arrow. That’s a pretty impressive move.

It seems that the conjuration was temporary, because there is no trace of the atronarch. The battle rages on and this time Geralt is on the charge this time opting for melee. Geralt rightly uses Quen-1 to protect himself from any kind of tricks. They engage in close combat and it is clear that Dovahkin is having a hard time. Dovahkin uses Fire Storm to stop Geralt from attacking any further, and both are pushed back with minor injuries.

Geralt charges again, and looks like Dovahkin is in trouble, since his magicka has not recovered from the previous move. Dovahkin uses Dragon shout Unrelenting Force which pushes Geralt back even further. This give Dovahkin time to use the healing spell.

Geralt uses some of his healing potions too, and then waits, he must have realized some of the techniques like shouts and more apparently the healing. He will have to finish Dovahkin off without giving him time to restore health. Dovahkin will also have to think about a way to counter Geralt’s speed and also must be thinking what else does Geralt have under his sleeve.

Geralt is patiently waiting, but is that truly a great idea? Dovahkin is continuously restoring his magicka in that time.

Looks like no one is going to charge, wild west style supposedly. Dovahkin takes the first step, but it’s surprising to see that he is randomly moving around Geralt keeping a certain distance, what is he planning. It’s definitely some kind of trap but what is it? Geralt is still hesitating to take the first step, but Dovahkin keeps on moving randomly. Suddenly, Dovahkin uses Whirlwind and comes right in front of Geralt.


The surprise attack has Geralt completely fazed and he receives a heavy blow to the chest. Instinctively, inspite of the injury Geralt tries to  take advantage of Dovahkin’s slow speed and counterattacks with his sword, but somehow Dovahkin keeps his distance. Suddenly the ground goes BOOM as Geralt tries to flank Dovakhin. Things are not looking great for Geralt. It seems that Dovahkin has laid down runes on the battlefield and evidently Geralt is weary of it due to his Witcher senses.

Geralt has taken a lot of Damage and has also lost a lot of his speed. Dovahkin is getting ready to use another spell and this time it is dual wielded Fireball. Realizing that Geralt can still dodge Dovahkin has used an area attack. Geralt is again in a tight situation, with two fireballs approaching him. Just about the fireballs are about to hit, he uses Quen-2. Now that is new to the match, wonder what else we will see in this battle.

The use of Quen-2 also restored some of Geralt’s health, as the bruises are not quite as visible as they were. Geralt takes out his crossbow and starts shooting on the ground. It seems that he knows where the runes are. Meanwhile Dovahkin charges but looks like Geralt is going to hold his ground and keep shooting runes.

As Dovahkin is about to attack, Geralt uses Aard-2 and knocks back Dovahkin. Geralt charges towards Dovahkin and lands a critical blow on him and then rolls back to gain distance. He is aware that Dovahkin can use restoration and hence takes out his crossbow once more. He keeps attacking Dovahkin continuously from a range.

Dovahkin, in a troubled situation summons a Dermora Lord to fight off and restore health. The Demora Lord engages Geralt and after about a minute, the Daedric entity vanishes giving Dovahkin enough time to restore his health.


Geralt has a look of pure frustration, he’ll have to end it quickly before he runs out of stamina. Dovahkin is also looking tired due to extensive use of magicka and looks like both of them are at their limits.

This will be their last engagements in the fights.

Dovahkin uses the Drangon shout Call Dragon and Odahviing appears over the battlefield. Seems like a last resort for Dovahkin. Geralt is in utter shock and is quickly running out of ideas. Without a moment’s wait, the dragon starts attacking Geralt. Geralt keeps on dodging. He dashes towards the other side of the dragon, while Dovahkin is trying to catch breath.

Geralt makes it to the opposite side while getting a few burns and starts preparing a sign. It seems as though he’ll be gambling his win on that last sign. As the dragon turns around, Geralt uses AXII-2 on the dragon. Under the influence of the sign, Odahviing starts attacking Dovahkin who is still catching his breath. The dragon KOs Dovahkin without much effort.


Geralt WINS

Dovahkin did give Geralt a very tough time, his ability to summon unworldly creatures was his biggest strength. But Geralt’s AXII-2 is puppet which makes enemies into allies, that renders Dovahkin’s most valuable power useless. So according to us Geralt will win in the battle.

Who do you think would have won the battle. Could the battle have played out differently? Who do you think we should have in a versus battle next? Let us know all this and more in the comments.

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