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Digital Gamescom has started. The Indie Arena Booth is now live. And Deck13 Spotlight offers two world premiers: For the very first time, Vesper, a 90’s inspired atmospheric platformer is playable with a globally released Demo. And Chained Echoes, the JRPG from Germany, is also playable for the very first time.

About Vesper
You might think “This looks a lot like Limbo” but in reality, Vespers main inspiration is actually Abe’s Oddysee. Slip into the role of Seven, a tiny robot trapped inside a dangerous world. Take control of your enemies to solve puzzles and destroy their forces.

Steam: Click Here
GOG: Click Here

About Chained Echoes
A fully fleshed out JRPG created by a one man army. An innovative combat system meets a world full of quests, NPCs and enemies. The demo features around two hours of content including a massive bossfight.

Steam: Click Here
GOG: Click Here

Full Lineup & Trailer
You can also find previously released The Shattering at the Indie Arena Booth. And of course, as every year, CrossCode makes an apperance again and is currently 20% off. Oh. And did we mention? The Shattering now has an exclusive Gamescom Demo as well. See the full lineup in the trailer!

Indie Arena Booth: Click Here
Full Trailer:

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