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Following its critically acclaimed launch this past July, The Game Bakers’ synthwave action-combat game Furi will go on sale for 20% off with sale price 19.99$/€ on PC stores today September 28 at 10 AM PST.

This is the first sale for Furi and it won’t last long. The Steam daily sale runs for 48 hours, from 10 AM PST on Wednesday, September 28 to 10 AM PST on Friday, September 30, so act fast! The game will also be discounted 20% off on the Humble Store, and will launch on a selection of PC stores at a promotional launch price 20% off too.

Furi was a game that was liked by us very much and you can check out our review for it here.

Major update on Steam

Furi has just received a major update on Steam, with the addition of features and tweaks requested by the community: alternate control scheme for the gamepad, new radial mode for mouse aiming, tweaks to the Promenade mode, the addition of Steam cards and a few other adjustments. All info on the update can be found HERE.

FURI’s First Official Speedrun Race on September 28

Speedrunners rejoice! The Game Bakers are organizing the first official Furi Speedrun race. Everyone is invited to participate, and current world champions Spleen, Angelyn and Janthe will be broadcasted as they vie to beat the 32-minute record! The race is taking place today Wednesday, September 28 at noon PST /8PM GMT live on Twitch HERE.
Emeric Thoa, the game creative director and RealMyop will be commenting the race.
More info on the race here.

Pro-tips video

For those Furi fans in need of advanced combat techniques and Speedrun tips, check out this new pro-tips video from The Game Bakers on YouTube HERE.

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